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The Lion of Ain Jaloot

The Lion of Ain Jaloot

Taking you back in history to the 13th century, this remarkable true story recounts the saga of one man and one nation that overcame staggering odds to render a permanent mark both in the history of the world and the hearts of mankind! The story takes place in the Near East, where the notorious Mongol warriors threatened the peaceful Muslim Empire. Amidst the menacing threat, a legend that came to be known as Seifuddin Qutoz was born. Royal at birth, he was captured in route to safe harbor from the brutal Mongols. From the shackles of slavery, Qutoz emerged as Commander of the Muslim army that confronted the advancing Mongol warriors. The story culminates with the legendary battle in the Palestinian city of Ain Jaloot in 1260 AD. The Muslim's bold defeat of Hulego Khan (heir to Genghis Khan) ultimately protected the Holy City of Jerusalem from their savage pillaging. As commander of the army that freed the world from the grip of terror that reigned in the land, it was the show of strength, bravery and faith that earned Qutoz the title "Lion of Ain Jallot. This stunningly animated emotionally charge movie is a video your family can enjoy over and over again!

This movie runs 60 minutes long


Arabic and English version on one DVD

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