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Quran Challenge Game - Islamic Game

Quran Challenge Game - Islamic Game

The best selling Islamic Game - A fun way to learn about the Quran!

This product is a unique game based on the Holy Quran. The idea behind the game is to provide children with both a fun and educational tool. All questions are taken directly from the Quran, and have been creatively worked into the play, which kids will enjoy answering. It can be played at school or at home, with friends and family members. Begin the journey and find out what fun it is to learn from the Quran!

  • 600 Quran Questions
  • Questions on Quran knowledge, Prophets in the Quran, People of the Quran
  • Questions on Places of the Quran, Message of the Quran, and the 99 Names of Allah
  • Ages 8 to Adult

    Sample Questions in this Islamic Game--

    Q - Who were the honoured guests of the Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) ?
    A - The Angels, Surat al-Hijr 15:42

    Q - What does fasting teach us?
    A - Self-control, Surat al-Baqarah 2:183

    Q - How near is Allah to us?
    A - Nearer than our own neck vein, Surat al-Qaf 50:16

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